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Plakoyiannaki ME. Case Studies in Family Business Research: A Review and Critical Analysis. 2012. Paper presented at 38th EIBA Annual Conference, Brighton, United Kingdom.


Plakoyiannaki ME, Papastathopoulou P. Case Study Research in New Service Development: A Review and Critical Assessment. 2011. Paper presented at 3rd Biennial Conference on Services Marketing, Izmir, Turkey.

Kokkou H, Plakoyiannaki ME, Andronikidis A, Papastathopoulou P. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A Review and Research Agenda. 2011. Paper presented at 3rd Biennial Conference on Services Marketing, Izmir, Turkey.

Stavraki G, Plakoyiannaki ME, Zotos Y. From Identifications to Emergent Identities and from Experience Attachment to Self-extension: A case study of Toulouse Lautrec Consumption. 2011. Paper presented at 10th International Colloquium on Arts, Heritage, Nonprofit and Social Marketing, Unknown.

Stavraki G, Plakoyiannaki ME. Pathways and Outcomes of Immersion: A case study of Imaginative Responses and Personal Reflections of Joan Miro’s Artwork. 2011. Paper presented at 40th European Marketing Academy Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Stavraki G, Plakoyiannaki ME. Appropriating an Artistic Brand Meaning: A Case Study of Consumers’ Responses to Miro’s Exhibition. 2011. Paper presented at 16th International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications, Athen, Greece.

Kotzaivazoglou I, Plakoyiannaki ME. Gender Stereotypes and Election Campaigns: A Longitudinal Analysis of Print Political Advertising in Greece. 2011. Paper presented at 61st Political Studies Association Annual Conference, London, United Kingdom.

Fletcher M, Plakoyiannaki ME. Case Study Selection: Key Issues and Challenges for International Business Researchers. In Marschan-Pierkkari R, Welch C, editors, Case Study Research for International Business. Edward Elgar. 2011. p. 171 - 191


Michailova S, Plakoyiannaki ME, Ritvala T, Piekkari R, Jormanainen I, Salmi A. Exiting the Field: The Missing Piece in the Puzzle of Fieldwork. 2010. Paper presented at 36th European Academy of International Business conference, Porto, Portugal.

Piekkari R, Welch C, Plakoyiannaki ME, Paavilainen E. Case Study Research in International Business: Towards a Critical Approach. 2010. Paper presented at 3rd Qualitative Research Conference, Vaasa, Finland.

Fletcher M, Plakoyiannaki ME. Sampling in Case Study Research. In Mills AJ, Durepos G, Wiebe E, editors, Encylopedia of Case Study Research. Vol. 2. Sage Publications Ltd. 2010. p. 837 - 840


Poulis K, Poulis E, Plakoyiannaki ME. Contextualising Case Study Selection: Introducing a Framework. 2009. Paper presented at 35th European Academy of International Business Conference, Valencia, Spain.

Triantos A, Plakoyiannaki ME. Consumers’ Perception of Advertising Creativity: Introducing a Framework. 2009. Paper presented at 2nd Biennial Conference on Services Marketing, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Plakoyiannaki E, Deligianni I. Growth and Learning Spillovers from International Markets: Empirical Evidence from Gree Firms. In Jones M, Young S, Dimitratos P, Fletcher M, editors, Internationalization, Entrepreneurship and the Smaller Firm. Edward Elgar. 2009. p. 37 - 52

Dimitratos P, Plakoyiannaki ME. Theoretical Foundations of an International Entrepreneurial Culture. In McNaughton RB, Bell J, editors, Entrepreneurship and Globalization. Vol. 5. Los Angeles: Sage Publications Ltd. 2009. p. 49-76

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