Final Oral Examination

Students enrolled in the master’s programmes in Business Administration and International Business Administration (version: 2016) have to complete a final examination in front of an examination committee in the form of a public defence. The examination committee comprises the supervisor of your master thesis, one additional examiner and a chairperson.

You have to defend your master thesis and answer questions related to the research area of your thesis. Moreover, the additional examiner tests your knowledge in a second subject area (which you can choose yourself). You have to successfully complete both parts of the examination.



  • Successful completion of all compulsory and elective courses of the relevant curriculum.
  • Positively assessed master’s thesis.




1.  Request for an examination date

After you submit your master thesis (before it gets assessed) contact the secretariat of the supervisor of your master thesis and ask for an examination date. Please indicate your second subject area in which you want to take your additional exam. 

2.  Registration at the StudiesServiceCenter (SSC)

After your master thesis and all courses of the relevant curriculum have been positively assessed, please submit the necessary forms to the SSC:

Please be aware of the processing period which takes approximately three working weeks (and take holidays, etc. into account).

3.  After the exam

After the exam, we will submit the signed examination record to the SSC and they will finalise your graduation. Please note that it might take about two weeks for the SSC to finalise your documents and even longer during recess periods.



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Additional Readings:

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