Priv. Doz. Dr. Katerina Makri

Assistant Professor


phone: +43 1 4277 38016

room: 5th floor 05.625

office hours: on appointment

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Katerina Makri joined the Department of Marketing and International Business in May 2021 on a tenure-track professorship and is affiliated with the Chair of International Business. Prior to joining the University of Vienna, she was an Associate Professor at the WU Vienna, Institute for International Marketing Management, while in the past has held visiting appointments at the Thammasat Business School (Bangkok, TH) and University of Cyprus (Nicosia, CY). Katerina has also had extensive industry experience with SMEs and family-owned businesses in Greece, working as a Market Development Executive and Marketing Director at a family-owned digital marketing firm.

Katerina holds a PhD Habil. in Business from the WU Vienna as well as a PhD in International Business, an MSc in Marketing, and a BSc in Statistics from the Athens University of Economics and Business. Her research and teaching essentially focus on a variety of cross-border phenomena pertinent to both organizations and individuals. In this context, her expertise lies in international business research (e.g., export sales strategy, export innovativeness, performance drivers of SMEs and family firms) and people-related research within and across cultures (e.g., globel/local identities, corss-country influences of time orientation, internationalization and digitalization). Her empirical work involves both B2B and B2C research and always tries to investigate the influences and consequences of international business activities following a holistic view that looks into the two central elements of the market (i.e., firms and consumers).

Her work has been published in leading academic journals, such as the International Business Review, International Marketing Review, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Journal of Business Research and Psychology & Marketing, in edited volumes (e.,g., Springer), and has been presented in several international conferences (e.g., AIB, AMA, EIBA, EMAC, GMC). Finally Katerina actively seeks engagement with the industry and has been invited several times to give corporate talks in Austria (e.g., Adlink) and Greece (e.g., Google International Greece, HotelRev).

Research Highlights

  • Bourdin, D., Halkias, G., and Makri, K. (2021): "The Compensatory Influences of Country Stereotypes and the Global/ Local Nature of Brands: An Extended Framework", Journal of Business Research, 137, 28-38.
  • Makri, K., Mai, R., Schlegelmilch, B. B. and Dinhof, K. (2020): "What we Know About Anti-Consumption: An Attempt to Nail Jelly to the Wall", Psychology & Marketing, 37, 177-215.
  • Theodosiou, M., Katsikea, E., Samiee, S. and Makri, K. (2019): "A Comparision of Formative Versus Reflective Approaches for the Measurement of Electronic Service Quality", Journal of Interactive Marketing, 47, 53-67.
  • Katsikea, E., Theodosiou, M., and Makri, K. (2019): "The Interplay between Market Intelligence Activities and Sales Strategy as Drivers of Performance in Foreign Markets", European Journal of Marketing, 53(10), 2080-2108.
  • Makri, K., Papadas, K. and Schlegelmilch, B. B. (2019): "Global Social Networking Sites and Global Identity: A Three-country Study", Journal of Business Research, 130, 482-492.
  • Makri, K. and Schlegelmilch, B. B. (2017): "Time Orientation and Engagement with Social Networking Sites: A Cross-Cultural Study in Austria, China and Uruguay", Journal of Business Research, 80, 155-163.
  • Makri, K., Theodosiou, M. and Katsikea, E. (2017): "An empirical Investigation of the Antecedents and Performance Outcomes of Export Innovativeness", International Business Review, 26(4), 628-639.