The Expert Corner is featuring interviews with prolific academics in the field of International Business. They provide thorough insights in the world of research and their personal career path.

“Just look at the world around us. Can you find a problem that is not related to IB? And it is becoming even more relevant. You can take any industry, any value chain, any piece of legislation, there is so much for students to contribute. Especially now we are at a turning point and what helps in a time of uncertainty? Go for a theory that helps explaining what is going on.”

“…IB is life enriching. It is also an eclectic discipline. When you examine an IB phenomenon, you must reach deep into social sciences and be informed by multiple perspectives. Second, IB is also a very gratifying field of study, as it makes you develop personally. ... Third, as I mentioned before, IB gives us a much deeper understanding of our own culture. One can only fully understand one’s own background once you step outside of it. Final reason to study IB is much more practical: there are very fulfilling careers in IB in private companies, nonprofits, public policy, thinktanks, media, and even art.”