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Proposal for MSc in International Business Management Students

Writing a Research Proposal for Your Master's Thesis:
(1)    Title of your proposed research
(2)    Topic – What is it all about?
(3)    Literature review – What do we already know? (including a literature overview; previous studies on the topic; key debates in the literature; research gaps). Demonstrate critical thinking and synthesis skills to develop arguments that justify your research gap.
(4)    Research questions and objectives:
•    What are they? What do we need to find out?
•    Why is it important for us to know that? (ground critically your research questions and objectives on the relevant literature and identified research gaps)
(5)    Methods:
•    What is the justification for your chosen research method(s)? Why is it most appropriate to study your topic?
•    What are its main strengths, but also what are its limitations and how they might be addressed?
•    What kind of data you are going to use in your research? How available is it?
(6)    Timescale, resources and limitations.
(7)    List of relevant references.
Proposed length 1,500 words excluding references and appendix.

Here some of  the topics of our current students:

  • Internationalization of family firms
  • Strategic Agility as a Competitive Advantage during the Covid-19 crisis
  • Main barriers precluding the implementation of digitalization in SMEs in service industries
  • Industry 4.0 for SMEs and the relevance of cross boarder collaborations
  • Lingua-cultural differences in MNEs during the stages of early employee integration
  • Inter-cultural team working in virtual environments
  • The functions of networkties during the early stage of internationalization of SMEs
  • International market selection process and language
  • Women entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina